I was listening to the Hallow app while waiting for my delayed flight at the Houston airport. I would not have even entertained the idea of listening to this particular session on Hallow if It had not been for the delay. But the Chiefs just won their division championship last night and this guy, Harrison Butker, had kicked the winning field goal that gave Kansas City the victory. So, after praying the Rosary with Mark Wahlberg (yup, that’s a thing!) I decided to listen to a 7 minute session called “Faith Under Pressure.”

Mr. Butker does the talking, including his testimony on how his relationship with Jesus through the Catholic Church changed his life for the better. He leads the meditation and the prayer at the end.

Jesus, I trust in You.

That’s the short and simple prayer this amazing athlete tells us he prays when he’s “under pressure” and that he recommends and then prays with us. If you are familiar with the Divine Mercy chaplet, then you will know this prayer Jesus taught to St. Faustina. It’s very powerful, I promise you.

Harrison asks the listener what we do, who we turn to, when we’re under pressure. Is there a prayer that we pray?

I immediately thought of this other short and simple prayer that is two lines long, but just as powerful. “Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.” It’s a great way of revealing our trust in Jesus. Who can surrender to the will of the Lord and who can let Him “take care of everything” if we don’t trust?

So I offer these 2 short prayers to you as I sit here in a near empty area of the terminal, awaiting my delayed flight. I told some family members recently that I no longer stress over when a flight will arrive to pick me up or when we will land. Because I have placed all of those concerns firmly into God’s hands. He will get me where I’m meant to be at the appointed time. I do pray for safety as I travel, along with all my fellow passengers. But I gave up stressing over things long ago. Because Jesus told me to give all to Him.

His yoke is easy; His burden light! Our burdens are nothing to Jesus. They are light as a feather! He can and does take care of everything when I let Him.

That does not mean “sunshine and caviar.” It means peace and it means letting God take me where He wants me to be. And then doing what He wants me to do once I arrive there. And even as I’m on the way, He is giving me opportunities to receive Grace to do whatever is required of me along the road I’m traveling.

Jesus, I can trust in You because You are Truth. And I know that You are love and that means you love me. He loves YOU, too! Tell Him your worries. Give Him your worries so you don’t have to waste time and energy on them any longer.

God’s got this! He will take care of everything.

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