Today in the Liturgical Calendar it is the Memorial of Saints Timothy and Titus. Both men were bishops of the very early Church, with St. Paul the Apostle personally laying his hands upon them to ordain them. And both were his beloved spiritual sons, as well as beloved children of God.

There are two choices for the first readings at Mass today and, honestly, if I were the priest celebrating Mass today, I’d read them both. I’m not sure that’s cool, but it does seem apropos because one is a letter that Paul wrote to Titus and the other is one that he wrote to Timothy. He is in prison when he writes to Timothy and it is so amazing as he recalls the tears Timothy shed when he said good-bye to his mentor and friend.

The reason I titled today’s entry Grace and Peace Upon Us is because that is one of Paul’s favorite salutations to his congregations and to his friends in many of his letters. He gives both men instructions on how to proceed without him there to guide them. It’s sort of a “remember all I have told you” moment. And it is so necessary to have that grace and peace of God to order one’s thoughts, and to recall what Paul said to give them strength and courage.

Paul gives a heck of a pep talk, that’s for sure.

So God’s grace and peace upon us all, in the mighty and holiest of Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. May this prayer embolden us to speak up and speak out against those things that are contrary to His will and His laws. As Paul assures Timothy and I now assure you and me, that grace helps us to “bear your share of hardship for the Gospel with the strength that comes from God.” Amen!

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