In today’s reading from the Gospel of Mark Jesus says the remarkable words, “For this purpose I have come.” He is referring to His mission. He is to preach to all who have ears to hear, in His time and place, about the mercy and the salvation that only the Lord, His Heavenly Father, can provide. He will heal the sick and the possessed. He will ultimately save us. But that is a long way off in today’s Scripture passage. We are early in Jesus’ ministry today.

This pericope gives me pause. Perhaps it does you, too. What’s my purpose? Well, I think it’s best to ponder this question through prayer. As I always say, prayer is talking to God. It is really about a conversation with the Creator of all things. In a conversation, you not only share your thoughts, but you listen, right? So, speak to God and then listen for His response. Be attentive for God ‘speaks’ to us in many different ways. If you are paying attention, you will hear God, see God, feel God’s presence. You will be drawn deeper into His love for you. Asking the Holy Spirit to show help you is always fruitful.

So, if you don’t know what you’re supposed to do with your life, ask your Heavenly Father. But do something while you wait for His answer. And just do something today. If you are offering all you do to the Lord, it is received and you will glorify God with your activities. Your whole life is a prayer. Don’t be disappointed if your purpose seems rather modest or even insignificant. God, who sees everything, who sustains everything, and who loves you more than you could ever imagine or understand, sees you. And your efforts, despite obstacles, frustrations, disappointments, and maybe even pain are not in vain. But God also sees your joys and your smiles. Those, too, God is a part of and, you can be assured, caused them to be. He is with you!

God is with us. Always and forever. That is worth a smile, isn’t it? That is cause for joy.

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