My heart was moved to share a prayer today.

My God, comfort all who mourn. Help us, Lord, to be people of compassion and of wisdom. Many are desperately seeking good and so are seeking God. Though they may not know it. Help us, those who have experienced Your grace and know You, to be the Light you call us to be, Lord. Let us not only reflect Your light, but let that Light shine bright within us! Come, Holy Spirit, enkindle that righteous fire in our hearts to strive for truth, goodness, and beauty for all. You are our Hope. Not enough people know that. Help the believers to share the Good News of Your love & mercy for everyone of His beloved children. That is ALL of us. Even our ‘enemies.’ Even those who persecute us. Amen.

What an amazing world it would be if we could all learn to love like Jesus. If we were filled with mercy and did not allow anger and hatred to overwhelm it; if we could forgive when it is sought and then, when we seek forgiveness, that the gift would be returned in kind – that’s the beginning of real peace. That’s the beginning of heaven on earth. We need to ask God to squelch our pride, just annihilate it. Everything bad follows pride. Have you heard the story of the fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden? It begins with pride. “We know better than God. We don’t have to follow the ‘rules’ of someone else. We will have our own truth.” But, of course, none of those things are reality. We need humility before the throne of the Everlasting King. We need to embrace the Love God has for us, let that Love subsume us until we are doing nothing but loving in that same unconditional, merciful, compassionate way all of our brothers and sisters.

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