“All creatures of our God and King, Lift up your voice and with us sing!
Alleluia! Alleluia!”

Alexa played this song for me this afternoon. I was listening to Gregorian Chant radio on Pandora which ‘she’ had so effortlessly found for me. I can’t get over the fact that I can just say to the empty room, “Alexa, play Gregorian Chant Radio on Pandora,” and she does it. I’ve finally stopped saying thank you once the music starts. I mean, I know she’s not a real person. But a human sounding voice in my home seems like a real person is somewhere, so out of habit, I used to say thank you!

Anyway, it was an instrumental version of the hymn. The only words I’ve heard on Gregorian Chant radio seem to be in Latin. I ask for this station when I’m writing or studying. My final exam is coming up so I had those chants and other instrumental tunes blaring as I studied.

When the “All Creatures” hymn, with lyrics adapted from a poem by St. Francis of Assisi in the original, began to play, of course I started thinking about the words even though that’s not the version I was listening to. I am now. Right now. I have David Crowder on my computer – again blaring – as I type. My husband does not understand why I like my music so loud. I don’t know either. But I sure do.

Anyway, this song is amazing praise of the Triune God – the majesty of God is there. It’s so moving. To me. Crowder’s version repeats, again and again, “alleluia” and that is just the sort of acclamation that should be sung as loud as possible. Alleluia or Hallelujah (which is how Handel spells it in his amazing and equally majestic Chorus) means Praise The Lord!! Or God Be Praised!

It is a word that can’t really be translated literally. But it’s all about praise. Just like the song says. Praise Father, Praise the Son, Praise the Spirit – three in one!

I don’t really have much to say about that today. I just want you all to think about the fact that praise is the proper response when in the presence of God. And that is where we are pretty much all the time. Because God gazes upon you every second of your existence. God gazes upon all of creation and sees that it is good. You are good, loved into being and beheld as the most beautiful thing ever made. Praise should be closely followed by gratitude.

Be grateful for life and focus on what you can do to, every day, show the Lord how grateful you are to be. That’s it. Grateful just to be.

Oh, we can and should do more with our lives to show our love and gratitude to the God who loved us first. But we gotta start somewhere. Go find something beautiful to look at. I’ll wait. Have you found anything yet? A starry night? A sunny day? The sound of rain? A baby? Your faithful family dog? The shape of an orange? The smell of freshly ground coffee? Your husband? Your wife? Your child or children? Your new shoes? You get the idea. What brings you joy and a feeling of contentment when you look at it? That’s beautiful! And so each of us is beautiful to God.

When we find something beautiful, when we behold something good, when we discover the truth, that’s all God. Be grateful. Sing praise. Let the music blare or raise your voice in song! Praise Him! Alleluia!

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