The third Sunday of Advent (13 December this year) is all about rejoicing! And it’s the week we get to light the pink candle! We can see Bethlehem on the horizon. It’s there, under that star, the manger where Mary will place her Baby Jesus in those famous “swaddling clothes!”

She’s a good mama already. Well, of course she is. It begins the moment she says “yes” to God. Not knowing the details (the angel gives her very few before he leaves her), Mary says “yes.” And throughout the Gospel of Luke where this annunciation story appears, there will be much rejoicing! Go ahead, read through it and circle or highlight the words rejoice, or joy, praise or praising over the things that God has done. And we continue doing those things today over the things that God continues to do.

Here’s a poem I wrote about the Holy Spirit, the same One who “will come upon (Mary,) and the power of the Most High will overshadow” her. That same Holy Spirit will raise Jesus from the dead. And then, well, talk about rejoicing! So, here you go. Have a blessed third week of Advent.

We’re waiting for the birth of Jesus, but He’s already here, and He’s already died to save us, and risen from the dead to destroy death so we need not fear. Let us rejoice!

A whisper in your ear

Do you hear it?

A knock on the door of your heart

Do you feel it?

A lone dove overhead

Do you see it?

A fire or a mighty wind –

Bringing power

But also peace

Listen, open, invite



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