It’s been a while since I shared a song. I can’t sit still for this one! The shoulders start to move to the beat, then the hips, then the feet and arms! It’s a fun and inspiring song about trusting God – in everything!!

So, give the tune a listen. And take the words into your heart and soul, as well as your ears/eyes and your brain. “Jesus, I trust in You” is one of my life’s mottos, and this song can now be my anthem!!

He knows our hearts. He knows our pains, our joys, our temptations, our triumphs, our weaknesses and our strengths. Everything. He sees it all and He loves you unconditionally and eternally. God “holds your world in (His) arms.” Give God your heart. Just love Him and let God love you. It’s really that simple. As I like to say, No ‘spiritual handstands’ required!

God just wants us to rely on His grace and the peace and joy we find when we surrender to Him.

Now, get up and dance!



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