Roses and teachers and trees

I noticed a rose in my garden that is blooming this chilly winter's day. OK, we live in southern California so it's not that chilly, but colder than usual and I'm pretty sure my blood is thinning after living here for a couple of years because I am wearing a pullover sweater and a cardigan … Continue reading Roses and teachers and trees

Breath of Heaven…

So, today I'm sharing this wonderful song sung by Amy Grant. It's appropriate because today's Gospel reading for our Liturgical Year is from Luke 1:26-38 on this Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. It's what we call "The Annunciation" when the archangel Gabriel asks Mary if she will play her crucial role in the Salvation … Continue reading Breath of Heaven…

John the Baptist and expectation management

Today we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist in the Catholic Church. ┬áThe Gospel from Scripture, from Luke, Chapter 1, verses 57-66 and 80, is all about how Elizabeth and Zechariah's family expect them to name the baby after his father, but mom insists that his name shall be John, which means, "God is … Continue reading John the Baptist and expectation management

A Father’s Love For His Children

So, once again two things happened recently that were quite profound for me. One was hearing the homily our presider at Mass shared after the stirring, dramatic, and so very tragic Palm Sunday Gospel reading. We are there as Jesus makes His triumphant entrance into Jerusalem. And we are there when it ends with His … Continue reading A Father’s Love For His Children