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  1. This is great Lyn! Sounds a lot like my story except I didn’t meet my fundamentalist friends till we moved to Mississippi 30 years ago! And I did go to CYO in high school for what that was worth. Not much. Too touchy feely for me. Ha! Anyway, meeting these Protestant Christians, particularly Theresa, really challenged me and made me have to figure out why I was Catholic. It’s been an exciting journey that continues today!

    On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 9:22 PM Drowning in Lemonade wrote:

    > Lynda MacFarland posted: “Fellow blogger, Anni, gave me the honor of > writing the inaugural blog entry for her series, “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be > Catholic.” Please take the time to read a bit about my faith journey and > consider following Anni’s blog, as well! Thanks! https://beautiful” >


    1. Thanks, Deb! I think many of us ‘cradle Catholics” from that era have a similar story! I was just blessed to be asked to write something for this new blog series and it all started when I thought back about my earliest days in college where I began to pray to the Holy Spirit, “teach me what to say…” It began what would change everything for me!


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