Who can conceive the depths and breadth of the ocean standing on the shore? The eye can only see as far as the horizon. So trying to wrap our minds around the ocean of God’s mercy is impossible. It cannot be measured. But what a comfort that is.

We are each in need of a Savior and He has been provided by an all loving Father God. When someone will stand in our place to save us, how could we ever repay that debt? We can’t. When someone dies so we might live, how can we doubt His love for us? We shouldn’t.

This Someone doesn’t deserve our punishment, but He takes it on willingly.

Like ‘a lamb to the slaughter.’ It overwhelms our emotions, and our understanding.

If we contemplate it, for any amount of time, if we place ourselves in the scene, part of the crowd witnessing His walk down the Via Dolorosa, the impulse is to reach out and grab Him. To snatch Him up before anyone can harm Him in any worse way than He already has been.

The impulse is to jump in between Him and His persecutors and to yell, “Leave him alone!”

But that’s in contemplation. What would we really have done? We can never know.

Perhaps like Peter we would run away in fear. And later regret it. And be forgiven.

Perhaps like the people who saw Him in the streets, we’d jeer and join in the chaos. And regret it. And be forgiven.

But we don’t have to worry about any of that for we were born in this time for a purpose that God only knows.

So we can contemplate the scene and yearn to protect our Lord and realize how unworthy and imperfect we are. But understand that He has forgiven us.

We don’t have to fathom the depth and breadth of His mercy. To believe He is merciful and all loving is enough.

To know our sin hurts Him and to ask for forgiveness is sufficient. Now is the acceptable time. Ask for forgiveness and receive it.

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