I am currently in San Diego, California for the Military Council of Catholic Women Forum. It is 3 days of worship, fellowship, music, liturgy, Eucharist, and love.

There are around 260 people here from all over the world because our US Military is all over the world. And to be at this event is a blessing! I have attended in the past and even been the liturgy coordinator a couple of times! It’s such an encouraging, uplifting event that energizes the faithful and helps us to rejuvenate to go back out into the world and fight the good fight.

Last night I had the honor of leading the Rosary for Warriors after our opening Mass. It was held in the Immaculata Church on the University of San Diego campus. Such a beautiful setting for a wonderful event.

Our episcopal moderator, Auxiliary Bishop for the Archdiocese of the Military Services, Neal Buckon, was our presider. 4 priest, 3 of them Military Chaplains, concelebrated. The music was provided by a wonderful young woman, Emily Wilson.

After the recessional myself and 5 other Military wives went up on to the altar and led the Rosary for Warriors.

How the Rosary came to be in a story in my book, Drowning In Lemonade. Here I will just share the 5 intentions, one for each decade. It is best prayed with the Sorrowful Mysteries.

  1. For Deployed Troops and for their safety
  2. For the healing of the wounded, both physically and spiritually
  3. For the deceased in our Armed Forces and the repose of their souls
  4. For the families of the waiting, wounded, grieving families and the peace and comfort that only the Lord can provide
  5. For peace in the world, our nation, and the victims of war

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

St. Michael, pray for us.

If you’ve been reading my blog and haven’t figured out that I’m Catholic, now you know for sure. And happy to be one. Please, if you have any questions, feel free to message me and I’d be honored to reply to explain what we believe and why. Have a great Friday!

*Visible presence of Christ is part of the MCCW mission statement.


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