I’m typing this at the Phoenix airport as I wait for my flight back home. The MCCW Forum is over and it was amazing. Our speakers were inspiring and incredibly encouraging and funny, which was a nice surprise.

The theme was Mission Discipleship and I wish we’d recorded all the general sessions so everyone who needs to know more about this could watch and learn.

Me? I’m going to live it out to the best of my abilities with the talents and gifts God has given me. God will take those and make much of them. I just have to show up with a willing heart full of love for Him and my fellow human beings. Got that covered.

I learned we should be active listeners, which I like to think I am most of the time. But not as much as I should be. I need to be better at sharing the Good News with the people around me. Maybe even at the airport or on a plane.

The vineyard needs lots of tending. I can’t be standing around when I could be a worker in the field. I pray for wisdom and I pray for words to say, that the Holy Spirit will provide those. I have a feeling that I’m in one of those situations again where I am asking God His will for me, where He wants me to go, but I’m already there. It’s happened before, sorry to say.

But the tools I have (those gifts again) don’t always come out of the box. That’s on me. I want to do better and so I will. I must. One of our speakers said that believers are hearing the same message today that St. Francis of Assisi heard from Christ: “Go rebuild my church.” It’s built with “living stones” and Jesus is the “corner stone.” If my tools are glistening, all shiny and new, that’s a problem. And not just for me, but for the people I encounter.

The church is all of us. Praying for opportunities to pull out the instruments I’ve been provided and get to work. It’s exciting, but not scary! Fear is not of God. We trust, we give thanks, we ask for grace. “All shall be well.” – St. Julian of Norwich

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