I’ve focused before on the Catechism in a Year podcast that I’ve been listening to this year. It’s really a great way to get through the entire book with some great commentary and prayer from Father Mike Schmitz. Recently he said something profound that I recorded in my Notes on my phone so I could share it with you.

“Jesus knew, You knew, the people You were giving Your heart to would be the people who would pierce Your hearts. That’s God’s love for (each of us).”

That is sobering and humbling to me, as a sinner. A few days later Father Mike explained that Jesus is Priest, Prophet, and King and that, through our baptism, we, too, are anointed priest, prophet, and king! A priest prays for and intercedes for the people. A prophet speaks truth about what the Lord wants, who He is, and what He commands us to do out of His love for us. And a King rules with justice; a king “fights for His people.”

We are Royalty!

As followers of our Leader, our Perfect Leader, Jesus Christ, we must fight for His people, as well. With God’s grace and with His wisdom and love, we have to fight. As the Phil Wickham song says, the Battle belongs to the Lord. But we get to cooperate through prayer and action in the struggle. Ours is a spiritual battle, remember that. We get to love people to save them. We are a very different kind of warrior, just like the King we follow.

The really amazing part is, we already know that Jesus has the Victory! So we need not worry. We need only trust and love. That Victory, of course, comes through blood, sweat, and tears. The agony of Jesus in the Garden, on the Via Dolorosa, on the Cross, are part of His Servant Leadership. He leads us all toward the glory that is Heaven but only after much suffering.

In the amazing words of St. John Paul II, “Jesus reigns from the wood (of the Cross).” What a King we have! What an amazing example for us to follow. We need never worry that our Leader doesn’t understand our fear, or our pain. He does. That King crowned with thorns, with nails in His hands and feet and a sword pierced side, He knows better than anyone.

He always knew what it would cost Him to save us, a thoughtless, weak, selfish, disingenuous rabble. My God, forgive me for being so unworthy of Your Sacrifice. And thank You eternally for Your humility and obedience, and Your endless love. We would be lost without it.

So many are. Because they don’t know about that selfless, immeasurable love. I’m here to tell them. You’re invited to tell them, too. No need to despair. No need for worry. The Lord Jesus has your back. Just let Him walk with you. Let His Spirit into all the dark recesses of your mind and heart.

His healing love won’t enter in unless you surrender to His will. And then you will find yourself fighting for His people, for your people, right alongside Him. You are royalty, I am royalty – daughters and sons of the King. WE have the distinct honor of obediently following the will of our Divine Leader.

It is a thankless job, here.

But the One who knows your heart, revels in your cooperation in His plan. He is well pleased. Nothing is better than that. Nothing.

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