As I do from time to time, I’m sharing an article that I find compelling and worth considering. Let us love one another is what the wise, God fearing, New Testament writer begs of all Christ followers. John merely echoes the commands of His Lord and ours, Jesus Christ, in the Gospels.

In this same passage from John, he definitively tells us that God IS Love. It’s not a tough leap to understand that there is not enough God in the world. If you believe in God, but more importantly, if you have a relationship with God. Do you worship Him, do you praise Him? You won’t feel inclined to do so if you don’t love Him first.

Do you bring God your hopes, dreams, desires, laments, regrets, fears, insecurities, requests for assistance for you and for others? Do you know Him? You can’t love God if you don’t know Him.

Try reading that great and holy Book, the Bible, the Old and New Testaments. It is really more of a library than one book. It has different genres, different authors, is from very different time periods, but it is all the inspired Word of God. Start there. God speaks to us throughout.

Try praying. Prayer is merely speaking with God. So tell Him you want to get to know Him. Tell Him you want to love Him. And then listen. Sit in silence with words from your yearning heart. Pray for the Holy Spirit to give you God’s grace and peace. And be open to receiving those gifts.

Send me a note. I’ll talk to you. God bless you in your search. Read the link below and consider whether there is enough love in the world. I think you will agree, there is not. Early Christians used to save abandoned babies that the Romans thought were unfit to live. Modern Christians are attempting something in that same vein. We want to save the women who carry them, too. Love them both is the motto – mother and child.

There is not enough love in the world. But there can be. Just start loving and be part of the movement to turn things around. Try being a God follower who has compassion for every created human, the weak and the least. Jesus expects us to defend each one for love’s sake. When we love another human being, we love our Lord. It’s that simple; it’s that beautiful.

And, since it’s been a while, here’s a beautiful song by one of my favorite recording artists and songwriters related to the subject in the article above.

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