One of the Gospel options for yesterday is from John, Chapter 11. It’s the story of the death and rising of Lazarus, and features his two sisters, Martha and Mary. Jesus is not there for them, to heal their brother from some unknown malady (Scripture does not give us this detail). And so, on the 4th day, when Jesus arrives, Lazarus is dead. A sentence within this entire story is the shortest one in the whole Bible: “Jesus wept.” Let us contemplate that statement together.

Sometimes things happen in our lives or in the world and we are made aware once again that there are real struggles, real tragedies. And they hurt. They can even kill. Whether it’s our lives, our spirits, our enthusiasm, our dreams, destruction will occur. That’s when we have to remember two things. Jesus, God in the flesh, has suffered and died. And He is with us in our pain. He weeps. Just like He did when the people who were mourning the death of Lazarus. 

Jesus didn’t weep because He felt hopeless. Oh no, never. He cried because He was moved with compassion. He cried for the mourners. He cries with us still when we grieve any loss, whether it’s the loss of a dream or of a friend. Turn to Jesus. Place your injured heart in His wounded heart, His Sacred Heart. Let the grace and mercy of Jesus work in you.

We are following our Fearless Leader and sometimes that hurts. Just like Jesus walked with His Father and all the angels, though, in His passion, so do we. Ask God in Jesus’ name to be your strength, your peace, your hope. He is not sending you anywhere He has not already been. If you think life’s not fair or things are unjust, Jesus knows. God is with us through it all: the muck and the mire or the glory of the mountain top. 

Don’t ever forget that. Then, think about what Jesus did in the midst of His agony that was mankind’s saving act; it was His glory. He forgives…He forgives. We can’t do that without God’s grace. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Ask for His love to flow through you so you can love like He does, like He always has and always will. Forever and ever. Amen.  

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