Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker. That’s Jesus’ foster father, as I was taught to refer to him. Mary’s earthly husband was an awesome human being. He had an amazing faith, a huge heart of compassion, and unlimited patience, it seems to me. He also worked hard to support his family. It was noble service, an honest living, providing a needed product for people.

I read somewhere that one of our Pope’s decided to make 1 May the Feast of St. Joseph to counter the socialist and communist celebration of the worker on that same day of the year. But that didn’t happen until 1955 and there were May Day celebrations by communists for a long time before that.

St. Joseph was a humble man, as well. All of the qualities I mentioned are good characteristics for anyone to possess. But they are not something that just appears. For the most part, they are things a man must work to achieve. Especially husbands and fathers. And wives and mothers.

So, Happy St. Joseph the Worker day to you! Let’s all strive to be the kind of person St. Joseph was. Let’s celebrate his integrity and equanimity. Rarities these days…

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