Holy week, a week “set apart” because of the most amazing event in the history of the world, began yesterday on “Palm” or “Passion” Sunday. My plan is to try to spend more time with the Gospel readings that are related to the Passion of Christ this week.

Passion means suffering in this case. Such a simple, often misunderstood word. I am going to try to spend more time contemplating the suffering, death, and resurrection of our Savior during Holy Week.

As a cradle Christian, I tend to take for granted the momentous event that changed the state of all humanity forever. Yes, the stories are a little too familiar. So this Holy Week I want to try to put myself in the story. Who am I? I’m not sure. It will depend on the reading.

But in today’s reading in the Catholic liturgical calendar, I’ve decided to be Mary of Bethany who in the Book of John pours expensive perfumes on Jesus feet and bathes them in it, drying with her (we can only assume) long hair.

It is not a typical display in our modern age. Nor would it be at that time, I’m fairly certain. But devotion to Jesus should move us to daring, or even dangerous, acts to display our love for Him. We should not be intimidated or discouraged from committing audacious acts of mercy, kindness, love, and compassion for others. Not when it’s all due to our love for Jesus.

Wanting to allow Jesus to love “through us” an everlasting, indefinable love that gives us strength and peace and courage or fortitude is a very admirable desire indeed.

Praying that all of our experiences this week are intense and real and deep. May the Blessed Mother of Jesus, who witnesses the agonizing, torturous death of her Son, be our example. May her prayers of intercession for us bring us closer to Jesus, Savior of us all.


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