Therese and Joan I recently learned that St. Therese of Lisieux had a devotion to St. Joan of Arc that only grew in intensity near the end of her life because Therese felt that, just like that brave young woman who was martyred for her faith, she, Therese, was suffering through no fault of her own in … Continue reading Therese and Joan

Keep your eyes on Heaven

I like to listen to Father Mike Schmitz's Bible in a Year podcast during my morning walks. Today I actually listened to two because I missed yesterday's. There was a lot of good stuff in those readings today. The Books of Jeremiah and Daniel are full of some amazing stories. And yesterday's installment included Jeremiah … Continue reading Keep your eyes on Heaven

Thoughts on Ascension Thursday

Well, it's 40 days since the Resurrection. Jesus is risen! Alleluia!  The tomb was empty and many were confused and upset by this event. What did it mean? The apostles knew what it meant because Jesus appeared to them multiple times after He rose from the dead and they had plenty of conversations. But now, … Continue reading Thoughts on Ascension Thursday