“Reckless Love”

Because today’s Gospel reading is the one I reference here, I thought I would share this again! God bless you!

Drowning in Lemonade

I heard this song in my car last week. I was touched deeply by the words. I’m kind of a ‘words’ person when it comes to songs. I need them to make sense, to flow logically, to be beautifully placed next to each other. I need them to be meaningful and thoughtful. And then a nice melody to accompany these words makes the song complete.

Reckless Love is one of those songs that I was moved by as I heard the words sung within the confines of my car and they reached into my heart. So here’s the link below. Give a listen and understand that God really does love us with reckless abandon. Anyone who leaves 99 behind to search for the one lost sheep is reckless. That’s the point of the story Jesus tells to his followers.

He will never leave anyone behind. And that, this Army wife…

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“Jesus I trust in You”

My latest entry is up on the Women in the New Evangelization website! WINE is a fabulous initiative to get Catholic Women together to learn and grow in their faith, and to evangelize to others who do not know God or the faith, even if they were raised in it! It happens, believe me! I … Continue reading “Jesus I trust in You”

John the Baptist and expectation management

Today we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist in the Catholic Church.  The Gospel from Scripture, from Luke, Chapter 1, verses 57-66 and 80, is all about how Elizabeth and Zechariah's family expect them to name the baby after his father, but mom insists that his name shall be John, which means, "God is … Continue reading John the Baptist and expectation management