Keep your eyes on Heaven

I like to listen to Father Mike Schmitz's Bible in a Year podcast during my morning walks. Today I actually listened to two because I missed yesterday's. There was a lot of good stuff in those readings today. The Books of Jeremiah and Daniel are full of some amazing stories. And yesterday's installment included Jeremiah … Continue reading Keep your eyes on Heaven

Heaven is like…pizza!

There's a very cool concept that the Catholic Church likes, though too many Catholics don't know much about it. Many have probably never heard the word. It's subsidiarity. To simplify, it means that everything meaningful should happen at the most basic level whenever possible. We Are Family... So, the foundation of our society, in this … Continue reading Heaven is like…pizza!

Another reflection on following the Leader

One of the Gospel options for yesterday is from John, Chapter 11. It's the story of the death and rising of Lazarus, and features his two sisters, Martha and Mary. Jesus is not there for them, to heal their brother from some unknown malady (Scripture does not give us this detail). And so, on the … Continue reading Another reflection on following the Leader