Most High and Glorious God…

Here is the first part of my mini-retreat talk at Nellis Air Force Base a couple of weeks ago. The first two installments were posted yesterday and the day before so you can go back and read them if you didn't check in earlier this week! I began with a prayer attributed to St. Francis … Continue reading Most High and Glorious God…

Psalms 103 and 139

This is another part of the talk I gave a couple of Sundays ago regarding a retreat with the Psalms that I participated in/led at Nellis Air Force Base's Catholic Chapel. We actually experienced 5 psalms in total. The post below is about 2 of them. I already posted about 2 others previously. So, if you missed those, … Continue reading Psalms 103 and 139

Prodigal Father

I didn't know what the word "prodigal" meant for years. I used to assume that it meant 'thankless'  or maybe 'irresponsible.' This was based on the context in the Prodigal Son parable that Jesus tells His followers. It's always used in relation to the son. Well, it turned out that "prodigal" means "extravagant," and recklessly … Continue reading Prodigal Father


The second in my series of reblogging entries from my retreat from a couple of weeks ago. Still love this song. It was perfect for the portion of our retreat where we focused on Prayer! Enjoy!

Drowning in Lemonade

If you’re following my blog, you know that I love me some contemporary Christian music. And below is my latest favorite song by Francesca Battistelli. First of all, I just love her name! But that has nothing to do with the song. It’s about letting God be the Lord of our lives and finding that His is the better way.

She praises, she worships, she bows down, she is still. And then God does amazing things in her life. That can be true for all of us. God will fight our wars and bring us back the “head of our enemies.” That’s total victory. In fact, Jesus did that for us when He suffered and died on the cross. It was when He rose from the dead and later ascended to the place at the right hand of His Father that the Victory was definitively won. He went to prepare…

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Brief thoughts on Ash Wednesday, 2020

On this Ash Wednesday, the start of our Lenten Journey, I just wanted to share this brief post I left on my Facebook page this morning. I felt I should share something on this momentous occasion. ...fasting, almsgiving and prayer are not about ‘making God happy.’ We do these things to make room for God … Continue reading Brief thoughts on Ash Wednesday, 2020