Hi, DIL followers! I started a podcast! It’s available on Spotify and it’s called…Grace Notes!

You all should appreciate it more than most as I use my past blog entries that were inspired by various songs. I then share those reflections along with the recordings which are all part of Spotify’s immense library!

You know how I get much of my inspiration to write from music. I believe that is a grace, a gift, from God and so I’ve named my podcast Grace Notes!

The link below is from this week’s episode, featuring The Beatles’ classic, Let It Be! Please take a few minutes to listen to my thoughts and then to a wonderful remastered version of the song.

This episode is my fifth; I drop a new show every Monday. So you can feel free to go back and listen to all my previous installments! And if you wouldn’t mind subscribing to Lynda MacFarland’s Grace Notes, that would really help me out!

Thanks and “God bless us all, every one!”


2 thoughts on “Grace Notes

  1. Lynda, I finally downloaded Spotify onto my phone, selected your podcast, listened to the 2 most recent episodes, and gave Grace Notes 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟! Lovely reflection on Let It Be. Did not realize the Beatles song was a reflection on Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel. Blessings! Margaret

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