This is a pic of my parents when they were dating in the 1950’s. Aren’t they amazing? Our pastor invited us all to place photos on one of the ofrendas at our church for All Saints/Souls days. I saw my pic up last night with so many other photos of loved ones whose family members are my fellow parishioners. We are united in grief, but also in joy for what lies ahead, after our life here ends and we move into eternity with the Lord. Our prayer, our belief, our certain hope, is that God’s promises are true. Our merciful, all loving God wants us with Him forever. We look forward to that never ending banquet where every tear is wiped away and we rest in God, in peace. As my late brother used to say, “See you (again) when we’re supposed to, Mom & Dad and Mike, et al!

We’re not Home yet. We’re on our way, though!

One thought on “Dia de los Muertos

  1. Good morning Lynda. I did not receive the photo of Mi hermanita y esposo.

    We did the same at my church, Mary Magdalene.

    I also did a special altar for my soul mate at home. Like the movie CoCo, our loved one come alive when we honor their memories. I am in constant communication with Uncle Bob. I feel his presence always and he helps me when I am challenged.

    I wish you a great weekend. Love, Aunt Aida



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