We’ve basically completed our move to Texas from California. It was hard, but not as difficult as so many other life challenges. And for me, it was coming home so that made any hardships or discomfort easier to endure.

My husband, Sean, and I are in our retirement home. We hope/plan to live here till we’re little old people and they either carry us out feet first or our kids move us to a smaller place to keep an eye on us. I don’t know how long that will be (who does?) but it will be here before we know it, I’m certain. We’re getting pretty old.

We are now the proud grandparents of 5 amazing grandchildren and the oldest is 9 1/2 years old! How in the world did THAT happen? It feels like I was at her birth just a few months ago, okay maybe a year ago, tops! Now she’s this bright, funny, beautiful girl who I so enjoy talking with. Our youngest is a baby and she is equally adorable in her own unique way. How blessed we are!

Of course, I digressed as this is supposed to be about moving to our “forever” home, though of course our forever home is not an earthly home at all. We may be in the prep stages for that final push Home, and that’s OK. In fact, it’s more than OK. I’m looking forward to it! I have an immense hope in the promises of God and in the mercy of His Son who is our deliverer and who stood up for us and took our sins upon Himself in the supreme act of love. Sacrifice is another word for love, according to many saints.

When you will the good of the other, without any sort of transactional expectation of getting something in return, that’s love. And love will walk over broken glass for the beloved. Or hang from a cross. And that act of selflessness was done for each one of us.

So, my little sacrifices along the way, even if to me they seemed like kind of a big deal, don’t amount to much when stacked up against the passion and death of Jesus Christ. But offering up my suffering to be united with His can have great effect. So this I do. I try to. I try not to feel sorry for myself, though sometimes I do, I confess.

If you are ever feeling unloved, forgotten, insignificant, neglected, lonely – look to the Cross of Jesus. Never doubt His love for you. Never doubt that He wants you to be with Him forever in Paradise. The choice is ours. I choose Heaven. I choose Jesus. I choose joy. Joy in knowing I am loved by the Creator of the Universe. And no one can take that away from me.

No one can take that away from you. You are loved. Even when you wander away. Even when you choose your selfish desires over the good of the other. You are loved. Full stop.

God’s love never ends. I hope you don’t turn your back on something as cosmically amazing as that. You get to choose. God loves you that much. He bestows the freedom on you to be with Him or to walk away, to choose the good or the evil.

Come home. Maybe it’s not your retirement home yet. And that’s not the one that really matters anyway. It’s your Heavenly Home that beckons, that you are invited to enter. Whenever that some day is. I look forward to seeing you there!

(Please click on the links in my post above. The song related to Jesus on the cross is amazing. If I had to choose between my blog entry and this video, I’d just share the song with you and not write a word.)

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