After spending way too much time angry with people who “should” know better, but who continue to disappoint and frustrate me by their actions, I have decided it’s past time to start praying and fasting for those who are so lost they think the wrongs they advocate or encourage are actually doing what is “right.”

These individuals are often in positions of power or certainly highly visible to the general public. And they are leading too many astray. I could just get angry, and I have, but how does that help?

What if I pray for those who persecute me and others?

What if I also fast for their conversion, asking that the Holy Spirit would touch their hearts and make them break for the same things that break God’s Heart?

As a Catholic, I pray the Rosary. A rosary is a way to pray to Jesus through His mother, Mary. We know this is acceptable to the Lord when we read the story of the Wedding Feast at Cana where Mama Mary lets her Son know in no uncertain terms that she expects Him to help out their friends when the wine runs out to soon.

In this story, (which only means that an actual historical event is recounted for others who were not there, not story like a fairytale; scholars believe that the Gospel accounts are true historic documents), we are made blissfully aware that we can turn to the mother of Jesus as if she is our own mother, for intercessory entreaties on our behalf. The rosary prayers are meditative in nature. They help us to focus on the life of Jesus from His conception to His Resurrection and much that happened in between. And we can pray a rosary for any intention that weighs on our hearts. So I pray mine, almost daily, for the conversion of sinners. And I specifically mention individuals in our government who are so lost that I am concerned for them. They are confused and so they aid in the confusion of others with regard to what is good and what is not. Another grave concern.

So, let us pray, however you pray in your faith tradition. If the Rosary is not something you’ve done or are comfortable doing, any sincere prayer and fasting is good. I will be posting about other Iost souls in the coming days. I hope you’ll join me. And I hope you’ll consider fasting from something you like to do or eat or drink, as well. This is about the salvation of souls more than policies and laws. It’s what matters most.

I’m going to start with the Senator who is the subject of the article below from National Review magazine. If you are inclined to join me, please do. And if you want to let me know about it, that’s great, too. I personally know of the good work Pregnancy Resource Centers do for women (and their babies) who are experiencing unplanned pregnancies. I cannot fathom how PRC’s could be considered a danger to anyone who needs assistance. If anything, the government should be finding ways to support the nation’s PRC’s. They are a threat to no one. They are being mischaracterized and their staffs & volunteers vilified. It’s not right.

Finding out about this effort has led me to start this public entreaty to pray and fast for the conversion of people in government. By the way, I know I’m not perfect, very far from it. I pray for my own ongoing conversion, as well.

2 thoughts on “Prayer & Fasting: Who I’m praying for this week

  1. How has such evil become so fashionable? To think EW (and others) truly believes that Crisis pregnancy centers are anything but heroic is absurd. Has she ever gone to one to see the good they do? First, they complain that the Church is just baby focused and now they are attacking the actual good she does. Evil abounds. Fasting and prayer are needed now more than ever!


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