I heard this song a while back and was so enthralled by the message and the music. My favorite combination. It’s the timeless story of humanity’s struggle against the Divine. But our Judeo-Christian God is One and will have no gods besides Him. And we owe God everything because He gives us life and this world and sustains it all by His mighty power, His love, His mercy. He sent us Jesus because He loves us so much. He wants all of our obedience, just as His Son was obedient in following His Father’s plan of salvation for mankind.

It’s a tall order for every one of us because, in that same love and desire for our love, God gives us free will. We can choose to serve and follow Him, to conform our will to His. Or we can turn away and try to do it all ourselves. Aha, back to the timeless struggle.

Adam and Eve

It goes all the way back to the creation of it all. Our first parents could not resist the temptation of following their own desires, and forgetting He who loved them into being. I had a professor one time who said, “If you want to know what Adam and Eve looked like, take a look in the mirror.” Ouch.

And so we have this song which exquisitely describes this challenge, this struggle. But it’s only a struggle until we surrender. Surrender to our jealous God who wants all of our love and promises to only love us.

Love of a jealous kind? Why would God characterize Himself as a “jealous God?” And yet, in the Book of Exodus (Old Testament) He does just that. I’ve found a good reflection about that phrase here. Once again, Bishop Barron does not disappoint!

I highly recommend watching this video. And then spending some time in prayer (that’s conversation with God) asking for forgiveness for the times you’ve been so full of pride that you tried to be like God, deciding for yourself what is good and true from your own very limited perspective and knowledge, and limited love for neighbor. But God’s truth and goodness are the only things to strive for and to desire and that’s why we need to humble ourselves before our God. I’ll be joining you in this prayer for forgiveness…

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