I’m sharing the link above because the excerpt talks about an openness to God’s grace. Those two word – God’s grace – are my watchwords for 2022 and, I hope, the rest of my life. I have written about grace many times, but right now it is becoming clearer to me that I need to pray more incessantly for it and then get out of the way.

Drop the cup

I recently talked and have written about the painting of a person standing there holding up a small cup to catch a bit of the tidal wave of grace that God is offering us. We miss so much of the grace of God when we set limits on it. We have received “grace upon grace” it says in Scripture (John 1:16) and also “where sin increased, grace abounded all the more!” All the more. You can’t stop God’s grace. Well, you can refuse it or limit it. But God will continue to pour it upon us, and as much gets through as WE allow.

God, In His kindness

God will never force Himself upon us. Receiving anything He offers, the love, the grace, the peace. It’s all on us to surrender, to open up, to let go of our fear. What are we afraid of anyway?

Follow the Leader

True, God asks sacrifice of us, and He asks for service from us. But these are things Jesus did first and He will be with us. He IS with us! And the sacrifice and service are things Jesus knows well. Too well, by our standards. So, follow our perfect servant Leader.

Come Holy Spirit, pour Your grace into our hearts.


So, let’s throw away the pitiable cup that holds only a paltry amount of grace and let’s push away fear that prevents us from being all God wants us to be. Let’s open up to the grace of God and trust in His plan. God is up to something. And it is good. Very good.

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