Some days you just know that God is speaking directly to you, I’ve found. I hope you have had that experience. He’s speaking; are you listening? I was today. I confess, I don’t always.

And I’m sorry for that. Today, 3 different times I read Bishop Robert Barron of Word On Fire fame, state, “The closer God gets, the more alive we become…So don’t be afraid of God! Surrender to Him!” I really heard it and I really want to do that. I’m not afraid of God, but I do a terrible job at surrendering. I’ve written about it several times. But, so often, the things I write are as much for myself and they are for other people.

Surrender…Have Your Way…

This song came up on my Andrew Peterson Pandora station when I got home from an out of town trip. It’s played before but I’ve never caught (listened to) most of the lyrics. Today I caught enough that I looked it up on YouTube and there is the above video with the words.

I can SO relate!

Break my back, hold me fast, shake me by the shoulders! Whatever it takes, Lord, to get my attention and in that moment, let me give all of me to You. Without reservations, without conditions. I also listened to a Word On Fire podcast on the plane headed home where someone asked Bishop Barron about how to fall “head over heels” in love with God. And, basically, again the good Bishop said you have to give up control. Someone who is tumbling head over heels is NOT in control. And, where the Holy Spirit (3rd Person of the Trinity) is concerned, giving up control is key. Bishop Barron also said we should pray. That prayer is the way to God’s heart. We need to commune with Him. The love will follow. The love will grow.

Shame on me!

But shame is not the proper response. Contrition is. A desire to do better, a prayer for the grace to do better. I do pray, a lot, actually. Though often I am distracted or going through the motions without a lot of thought or feeling. So, here goes, a new day, a new attempt. God’s mercies are new each morning, right?

“God gave Himself to you: now give yourself to God.” – Saint Robert Southwell

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