Every stone that makes you stumble
And cuts you when you fall
Every serpent here that strikes your heel
To curse you when you crawl
The king of love one day will crush them all

And every sad seduction, and every clever lie
Every word that woos and wounds the pilgrim, children of the sky
The king of love will break them by and by

And you will rise up in the end
You will rise up in the end
I know the night is cruel
But the day is coming soon
When you will rise up in the end

If a thief had come to plunder
When the children were alone
If he ravaged every daughter
And murdered every son
Would not the father see this?
Would not his anger burn?
Would he not repay the tyrant
In the day of his return?
Await, await the day of his return

Cause he will rise up in the end
He will rise up in the end
I know you need a savior
He’s patient in his anger
But he will rise up in the end

And when the stars come crashing to the sea
When the high and mighty fall down on their knee
We’ll see the Son descending in the sky
The chains of death will fall around your feet

And you will rise up in the end
You will rise up in the end
You will rise up in the end
I know you will

This wonderful song was written by Ben Shive and sung by Andrew Peterson in the above audio. It really caught my attention when I first heard it. It’s about the Resurrection of Jesus and also about our own, on the last, glorious day. Every tear will be wiped away, the Book of Revelation assures us. That’s what this song is about. It should give us hope and remind us that our time here is so very brief, and that eternity is, well, that’s the “ever after” part where true happiness is a very real possibility. We can’t even imagine how amazing it will be. Our best day ever is nothing compared to living in the presence of the Almighty for ever and ever. Amen.

It’s 2 more days till Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent, so this song, it can be argued, is more appropriate for the end of Lent, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day. But sometimes in life we need a reminder of God’s promises. And for me, that’s right now.

So have a blessed Lent and remember that the reason for it all, right up through Good Friday, is for that Last Day of Resurrection. Rejoice and be glad.

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