So, I just read this article in National Review magazine. It’s a summary of a study conducted by some really smart people, actual scientists, from Johns Hopkins. After reading it, I’m not sure if I want to cry or scream. Maybe both simultaneously or I could alternate between the two. I know I am angry. I also feel betrayed and discouraged. And did I mention angry? Yes, that seems to be the overriding emotion.

I was always against the Covid-19 lockdowns. Always. You can ask my husband who lives with me and had to listen to me repeatedly say, starting in March of 2020, “This doesn’t make any sense. You quarantine sick people, not healthy people! You protect vulnerable people; that’s not everybody!” Or words to that effect. He would nod in an understanding agreement. He is not given to my overt verbal reactions to things.

2 Years On…

Just so you know, I got the vaccinations (not the booster) and I know from the deaths of people close to me that the virus can be deadly. And the Johns Hopkins report does not deny that; it just says that the draconian rules we were subjected to did next to nothing to mitigate the losses.

I think at this point we should admit most of people around our country have acted like “sheep” these many months, and it has not been pretty. Yes, I include myself in that flock, I’m sorry to say. Just read the report to see the many ways we have suffered as a country, as a people.

District 12?

I don’t know if you’ve seen those Hunger Games movies, or read the book. But it’s occurred to me that those in charge (who ONLY have that power because WE gave it to them, by the way) are like the elite rulers in the Capitol. Those of us who are expected to acquiesce to their rules are the citizens of District 12. And our wishes – no – our rights, actually, don’t matter to them. I don’t believe they ever have. This is not only arguable with regard to the Covid mandates. Don’t get me started…

*Lyric from My Way by Paul Anka

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