Yes, not too many people know about it. I’ve known this amazing story since I was a kid. But I did not realize the observance of the heroic actions of these four chaplains is today. A chaplain friend reminded my daughter, who reminded me.

Where do such people come from? I would have to say selflessness like this is only born of faith in a Creator who loves us all this much. They all put the welfare of others above their own safety, above their very lives. Such heroism should be known by all Americans so we can try to emulate in even the smallest way. Role models are so rare. Here are four who perished together. They ‘willed the good of the other.’ They loved with everything they had.

Below this link from the US Army you will find another version of the story written by (full disclosure) my daughter! It’s the “back pages” section at the end of today’s publication, but it’s worth scrolling down to read, trust me. It’s also worth reading and considering the rest of the news The Scroll posted, as well.

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