It occurs to me…


He loves them


The ones who make me laugh, the

ones who hold me when I cry,


the bright ones, the sassy ones, the

stubborn ones, the silly ones,


the brave ones who don’t know 

they’re brave,


the weak ones who know where to

get their strength


the holy ones, the lost ones, the

ones no one considers,


the troubled ones, the ones who

can’t find their voice,


the ones who talk too much and

rarely listen,


the musical ones, the tone deaf 



the joyful ones, the happy ones –

they’re not the same –


the beautiful ones – they’re all



They are made in His image,


and they are good.


He made them all.


Those who refuse to believe,


or who are unable to comprehend,


He made them all.


He made me.


And He gave us all free will.


He loves us that much.


How stifling when no one gets a say


And oppressive when no one gets to 



when no one dares to do something 



How terrible when we don’t get to 

decide to love.


To love Him.


To love our friends.


To love our family.


To ‘love our enemies, those who

persecute us, and who utter all sorts

of calumny against us.’


We get to decide to love.


And then it occurs to me.

He is Love.

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