That’s Jesus talking right there! Not the baby Jesus in a manger, but the man, full-grown, who knows who He is and who we can be. He says in this passage to His followers that a city on a hill cannot be hidden. Because of all the LIGHT!

Am I the light I’m called to be? I try. I want to be. I found a great song from the mid-2000’s that I’d never heard before and I’m sharing it here because it’s the neatest arrangement for a Christmas carol that is Christ-centered. The lead singer is not a part of the group, Point of Grace. His name is Michael Tait and he used to be a member of the Christian rock/wrap group DC Talk. This is NOT his genre of music, but he certainly rises to the occasion!

So, give a listen and understand that, while the song speaks of Jesus, the Light of the World and His birth, Jesus tells us in Matthew’s Gospel that WE are the light of the world. Think of Him as the fire from which all other tapers and torches are lit! Doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny birthday candle or one of those massive torches you see in old black and white horror movies. “This little light, I’m gonna let it shine!” Remember that song?

Nothing can extinguish it. Well, we can, when we turn away from our Savior, the Light who made us all, became a tiny baby and grew to adulthood, and then died for us (but rose again). Alleluia! So we are the only ones who can snuff out our own light. But the good news is, Jesus stands at the ready to ignite it for us again. Just turn back, ask for forgiveness, and hold up your candle for the precious Light of the World to bring you back. Even when we are in the shadows of the valley of death, we never leave His love.

He always loves us. No matter what. Let’s make sure we ask Jesus that we’ll be His Light in the cold, dark world. Amen! And have a blessed Christmas!

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