“Share with God what is on your heart and seek to make Him your hope this Advent season.” – Hallow App’s Pray Advent Challenge for Friday, December 3, 2021

I just finished listening to today’s reflection. It was great! I highly recommend this wonderful app for every day, not just during Advent or Christmas.

As I began writing this, I heard Matthew West (a favorite Christian singer-songwriter) on his Pandora station singing “Unchangeable,” a song about hope. What is hope? That’s not the proper question.

Who is Hope?

That’s the right question to ask because hope is a Person, and His name is Jesus. Hope is only real when all of you and your desires are placed squarely at His feet.

Don’t see Him? He’s there, on the cross. He’s there, face down on the ground asking His Father to spare His life, if it’s God’s will, He’s there tied to a post being savagely whipped , He’s there, amidst the crowd saying, “the Kingdom of God is among you.” He’s here now, as He promised, “with you always, until the end of the age.” And He’s here just as the angel promised to His mother Mary, “Emmanuel (God with us).

Jesus is our hope. When everything around us is chaos or injustice or stupidity, irrationality, defensiveness, anger, hubris, malice, disdain, working to strip us of our dignity and our freedom, Jesus is with us. He not only walked the walk of all those things and more, He walks with us still. He promises us that in His Father’s House there is plenty of room. He wants us with Him in eternity.

That’s our hope. Surrendering our lives and our hearts to Jesus brings us that hope. The peace within us, that God provides, will see us through anything and on to eternal joy. You don’t have to go far to find Him. He’s right next to you right now. He’s waiting for you to open the door to your heart and let Him in!

Where is hope?

Hope is here. And it always has been.


I’m praying for you.

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