I am being prompted to share something here that I’ve shared before. It’s in my book, Drowning in Lemonade. I try to do what God asks of me, to say yes to all His invitations to act when it’s for His glory and to advance His Kingdom. So here goes…

To illustrate the magnificence of the Holy Spirit, the profound impact He can have on our lives, (Sister Salwatricze) described a painting. The painting is of a man holding up a small cup to catch the water that is a huge tidal wave about to fall upon him. I could see right away what she meant. That’s God’s grace. We get as much as we are open to accept. If we are not holding back or, holding out, or holding too tightly to things that keep us from accepting all the grace God is offering each one of us, amazing things will happen. Exciting things, miraculous things.

The little cup will hold only a tiny portion of what is being offered to us by the Holy Spirit. We shouldn’t deny ourselves what the Lord is offering. If we desire it and allow it, we are engulfed; we are completely submerged in God’s grace. (p. 57, DIL)

My previous blog post also addresses the grace of God. I humbly suggest reading that, as well. The bottom line is that God’s grace can save us. The grace of God will give us courage. God’s merciful love can make us into new creations if we just surrender. God’s grace will enable us to be just, kind, and to walk in all humility with almighty God. The grace of God changes lives.

Here’s a song about grace that fits perfectly with my current theme! The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always!

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