I’m sharing this Ascension video (below) on the chance that someone reading this today might have this same challenge. I get so easily distracted all the time – not just during prayer. But it’s very frustrating to have that happen incessantly as I (try) to pray. I read somewhere that God is pleased with our efforts with regard to prayer. He knows our hearts, as well as our minds. He is not surprised or even frustrated by our ‘monkey brains.’

And we must remember that all our prayer is fruitful. St. Josemaria Escriva said that, and he was a very wise man. We may be disappointed in our prayers, feeling it was not deep enough, or focused enough. But God knows our needs and knows our struggles. Let that be our consolation. We mustn’t stop praying because we think it’s not “good enough.” Our desire to commune with God, to praise Him or to ask for His grace in our lives or the lives of someone we love, or simply to abide with Him, are all received by the Creator of all with limitless love and mercy.

We are each a child of God.

You know parents, especially the Divine Parent, are just so happy to hear from us! The words don’t matter, the desire to be with the One who loves us more than we can ever know is enough. WE are enough. So let’s come to the Father and praise and thank Him. Then just rest in God’s presence and be held in the Heart of Jesus. It’s all going to be OK. Never give up because God yearns to hear from us! It’s not for His sake; God needs nothing. But He wants us to be the most joyful and content that we can be and that only happens when we rest in Him. And we only rest in God when we know, trust, and love Him. We can only know, trust, and love anyone when we spend time with them. Pick up the Bible, too. The Bible In a Year podcast is a wonderful way to listen/read Holy Scripture. And we can ‘hear’ God speak to we. Yes, we will probably be distracted there, as well. But maybe not.

Let’s ask for God’s grace to help us.

Father in Heaven, we give you praise. We thank you for our very lives and we ask you to pour Your grace into our hearts so that we might be renewed and continue to live our lives for Your glory! We love You, Lord. We thank You, Lord. We are Yours! Amen.


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