I’m a huge fan of the Psalms. I have been for decades. There is so much there to show us how to really be honest with God. As I always say, God knows our hearts anyway. We shouldn’t even try to “put a good face” on things if we’re miserable, or scared, or worried. God knows. So go to Him with everything. It’s OK to ask God Why? In fact, I think we should.

Even if we don’t get a specific, concrete answer to that question, I have experienced and know others who have experienced God’s grace after finding ourselves at the bottom of a very deep pit for reasons that escape us. And that Grace sees us through. We become stronger, with the strength that God provides; we become peaceful, with the Peace that passes all understanding. Those things help us carry on and, believe it or don’t, bring us closer to the Lord and with a deeper trust in and love for Him.

So, I heartily encourage anyone reading this who is confused or despondent, or anything bad, to talk to God about it. Ask Him to show you that He’s there. If you take the chance to speak to God, He will answer. And so often in ways you do not expect.

This post is entitled Psalm 27 because it’s a great prayer from David, a song of praise and one of encouragement for those who are praying/singing along.

Go ahead, and read it out loud. Or in your head if you’re reading this in a public place and it might cause people to wonder about you! JK. Read it slowly and deliberately. Take it in and recall that God hears you. And then maybe you move into your own prayer, your own talking to God. That’s all prayer is.

Tell Him your fears, your doubts, your sorrows, your disappointments. But don’t forget to remember your blessings, too. Some might have happened long ago, but they are a consolation in your present situation. Some may be things you haven’t thought of as blessings. Like maybe you woke up this morning. That’s it. You were given another day, another chance. And God is waiting for you! Just open up and talk to Him. Let me know how it goes.

Here is Psalm 27 link. God bless you, Whoever you are! God is with us!

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