It’s such a simple idea. I learned through my theology studies that God is “simple.” That does not mean He is without intelligence or without complexity. It means God is unlike anything, any created thing, because He is the Creator of it all. God is not an amalgamation of created things. We cannot comprehend His beauty, or glory, or the depth of His love for us that is so unfathomable He goes to the ends of existence as a God-man out of that love for us. And when we contemplate this simple God, we can never adequately comprehend, nor can we ever adequately express our gratitude and our joy. Once we spend enough time with God in prayer and praise and worship. Once we share all of ourselves with God and surrender to His will for us. That’s when we can sing a song like this song Phil Wickham wrote and sings. Yes, then we want to sing and dance and rejoice in what we have in our relationship with the Everlasting God, our merciful and compassionate God who is always looking on us in love. We were loved and willed into being; we are beheld by God every moment of every day. He laughs with us, He cries with us. We are each so very precious to Him. What a shame more people don’t know this and don’t know God.

I’m doing what I can to introduce God to people. I am praying for everyone who doesn’t know God. If you know Him, I pray for you, too. Let us pray for God’s wisdom and God’s strength to share the Good News. Let’s help bring Heaven to earth for those who don’t know what it can be like when we love, forgive, nurture, heal, lift up everyone we meet who is in need. We pray that You, Lord, break our hearts for what breaks yours, (from another great song). But that can only happen when we love like God loves. And only with God’s grace can that happen. So let’s pray for that, too.

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