We are blessed with beautiful roses all around our home. It’s just a rental, not our “forever” home. But the only real forever home is Heaven; Heaven in the eternal Presence of the Lord. So a lovely house (like our current rental and our future retirement home where we hope to spend the rest of our earthly lives), and the surrounding roses, and any happiness or beauty we experience now, are just glimpses of Heaven.

These moments are to whet our appetites for what is to come. Every blessing is from God, every moment of love, respite from the chaos of life, recreation for reviving our spirits and our bodies, every consolation God sends our way – these are mere shadows of the joys that await us one glorious day. If we live now with the knowledge and gratitude that Jesus is with us always, “until the end of the age, ” we will know some of Heaven now. If we share the love and mercy God gives us, we can help realize a bit of Heaven on earth with everyone with whom we interact.

And that is a beautiful thing!

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