Below is my message to the Sr. Spouses of Ft. Hood on Memorial Day, 2016. Thought I could share again. (For some context, my husband was deployed to Iraq at the time. He was the III Corps and OIR CG hence my note to many of the Spouses whose Soldiers were deployed with him.)

I just want to take this time on Memorial Day to reflect briefly with you all. It is storming and so dark outside as I type. I heard the thunder and saw the lightening through the early morning hours. It is somehow appropriate on this day of remembrance and mourning.I know many of us have lost friends, some have lost family members, some have lost Soldiers for whom our husbands were responsible during all these years of war.

For me, I have been to more memorial ceremonies than I care to think about, but I go because it is the right thing to do. I go often because my husband is elsewhere, like now, and cannot. It is always a privilege to represent him at such an event. I know we all want to always remember the sacrifice of American Soldliers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines. Please say a prayer of comfort for those who are still grieving the loss of their loved one.

The tradition is that at 3:00 p.m. local time we should all have a moment of silence. Let’s all try to do that today. Please join me in this act. Many things we do separately are still done as a community. On Friday I had to get out of my car at 5:00 p.m. when retreat sounded. As I watched the Soldiers getting out of their cars and standing at attention and saluting as they were making their way home, I got a bit misty eyed. I was filled with pride at their willingness to not only stop and get out of their POV’s to render the proper respect to the flag and all it represents, I was touched to think of the selfless service they embody.

It has become a trite phrase: selfless service. But it is a very real statement to many of us who have known the loss of lives of those we loved and who served with our Soldier Spouse. God bless our nation and all who serve her this day and every day.

Let us never forget.

Have a grateful Memorial Day,


2 thoughts on “Have a Grateful Memorial Day

  1. What I hope is that adults and their children learn about our real history, prior to the American Revolution, through WWII and more current wars, discussing also the elements of other countries leading. With so much disinformation and propaganda these days, they would have to undertake these projects purposefully and with determination. But in the long run, they would appreciate all that those who came before, and those who fought for this country, and others who helped keep the America dream alive.

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    1. All that is true. This is my perspective as an Army wife who has had to deal with many families and their losses. It can be overwhelming for those of us who are married to or otherwise related or connected to the fallen on days like this. Sometimes you just need to be proud of that kind of heroism and selflessness. It is rare and worth remembering and honoring by us all, for the sake of those left behind, which is a lot of people. They live their lives now to honor the sacrifice. It is a privilege to know some of these selfless servants. Our whole country and others who’ve joined us in the battles, can be equally proud and should remember, as well. Collectively recalling and honoring our Military service members as a nation and as allied nations can only benefit us and help to keep us United. God bless!

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