Since I’ve finished grad school and don’t know what’s next, right now I’m spending a lot of time alone at home. Which I love, by the way. We have a great house and lovely rose bushes surround our front and back yards. They are such lovely, vibrant colors and the birds chirping make it so peaceful and really calm.

I need that, calm. My style is really more about running full steam and not realizing I’m tired because, as an extrovert, I get my energy from other people. So, in my previous life as a senior Army wife, I had plenty of opportunities to be with people, sometimes large groups of them! And I loved it! I felt useful, engaged, got to show love and acceptance to strangers, friends, and even foes. What a gift!

But now, after finishing my classes and researching/writing my thesis which was its own kind of running, I am just learning to Be Still and I’m talking to God in all sorts of different ways. Prayer is all I mean when I say “talking to God.” I have done that for decades upon decades, but somewhere in the last few years the conversation on my end has dwindled a bit. Now I’m making a concerted effort, body, mind, and soul, to spend more time talking to my God again. And also, to listen.

I’m finding peace here. I’m so grateful to God who is consistently full of surprises. Here’s a re-do of one of my all time favorite Christian songs by one of my all time favorite Christian singers. Enjoy.

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