Something that’s not really noticeable in the accompanying photo I took is that the sky was really overcast. It was gloomy. But there was a sun behind that mist, that “marine layer,” as it’s known here in California. See, there’s this thick morning fog that creeps inland during the very early morning hours in the spring and early summer. This is every morning. I was surprised by this when we first moved here. At first I thought it was a cloudy day and maybe there’d be rain later in the day. But then it would burn off by around 10 and we’d have a bright and glorious day.

The reason, of course, that I can have this glorious view pictured above is because the sun is still shining behind the mist. God is like this. He’s there, behind the clouds even if we don’t see Him with the usual clarity, God is always with us. And, in God’s perfect timing, He will burn off the mist and reveal His glory. But till then we can have faith that God is with us, shining and giving light and grace even on those cloudy days. sometimes we need the mist to appreciate the sunshine.

Sometimes a walk in the cool or even cold air leaves us so ready and eager for the warmth that will arrive soon enough.

Lord, teach us to praise You even in the darkness and the gloom, remembering that it’s all for the good, according to Your purpose. And it’s all for Your glory. And I have hope and gratitude for where I am and for where You are leading me. Amen!

There’s a song by one of my all time favorite Christian singers, Stephen Curtis Chapman, that came out a couple of decades ago that I was reminded of as I wrote this entry. I share it with you now because it’s a good song and I like to share good songs. Think about the truth in the words; if not in mine, than in his.

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