Here’s a great interview with an awesome former Army Chaplain. His personal story is compelling as is everything else he has to share. Love when he talks about the Infantry “Follow me” motto which is also part of what Jesus says to His followers, “Take up your cross, and follow me,” personifying the consummate servant leader. Jesus never asks us to do anything He hasn’t done Himself. That’s what a good leader does! Father Matt, as an Army officer, could see how a good Military leader should do the same. Leading from the front is what Jesus does and what we should all do in our own spheres of influence.

I also love that Father Matt talks about Father Emil Kapaun another Army chaplain who died during the Korean War and was a (posthumous) recipient of the Medal of Honor. Father Kapaun has been a hero of mine since I learned about his life and his heroism, a selflessness that was directly tied to his faith in God.

Near and dear to my heart is Father Matt’s discussion of the wounds Soldiers carry, but he reminds us that family members do, as well. As a 34 year Army wife and one who has written about this very topic, (see the Rosary for Warriors), I was just so grateful that he highlighted this in his remarks!

So, if you have an hour to listen some time this weekend, you won’t regret it! You will be inspired and encouraged. What more could you need?

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