I haven’t been writing much since my Dad went home to be with the Lord recently. I’ve needed time to process that fact, to be with my sisters, to be with my husband and children, to be with extended family and with some of his friends. But I’m back! And today I am contemplating being at the feet of Jesus. And what that can mean. There’s a link at the bottom for a Steven Curtis Chapman song on the subject. I love it. So, here are my thoughts. I am sorry I’ve been away. I’m glad I’m back. I hope all is well with you and yours. God bless us with His peace, His strength, His compassion…

We can find ourselves at the feet of Jesus while He hangs in anguish on the cross, dying for our sins. Or we can sit at His feet as He preaches, urging repentance and belief in the Gospel.

We can reach out to touch the hem of His garment as Jesus walks past, in all humility crawling up behind him, fighting through the crowd, believing He can heal our wounds.

We can allow Jesus to pick us up, a little Lamb lost and afraid, that’s been timidly nuzzling at His feet, and just rest in His embrace as He hugs us tightly to His chest. Such a kind, compassionate, forgiving Shepherd we have.

Always There For Us

When we’re confused, angry, mournful, happy, relieved, grateful, we can be in the presence of our Lord and give Him the burden we can no longer carry, or the joy we can no longer contain. We can give Jesus anything that’s too much for us to handle on our own. His arms are open wide, His feet, whether wounded from the nails or dusty from walking down too many roads sharing the Good News, healing the sick, forgiving sins, are firmly planted on the foundation of His Father’s Love. And He beckons us to join Him.

Be Humble

The precious feet of Jesus are where we must bow, in deepest humility, to the God who deigned to become one of us in all things but sin. He knows our needs. Jesus knows our doubts, our fears, our pain. But He also knows what makes us so glad to be here and grateful for our life.

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