Whatever my opinions of the President or Congress, or anyone in government, elected or appointed, I will always pray that these public servants will remember where their duties lie. They should jealously guard the rights of our citizens which are enshrined in the Constitution. We all, (they and we), must honor the laws of our land (and work within them to change what we don’t think is for the best for our citizens).

Our government leaders should remember that they work for us. And no one person is above or better than another. We do not have to bow to any individual’s whims. When public servants take office, they make an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. They do not swear allegiance to any person, even the President, and that is very good. Our founders were extremely wise in the way they set up our government. Too many of our citizens seem to not know how this country works. It’s not about a man or woman; it’s about the laws of our country. These need to be honored and protected. It’s that simple.

Shame on all those who rushed the Capitol building today and broke into Congressional chambers. I am so sad and so disappointed. It seems someone was shot, which is unbelievable. This has gone too far. I don’t have a lot of inspiring words. I only want us to pray.

God help us. God heal our land. God bless the USA.

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