It begins with a ‘yes.’ That’s all. A serene, trusting, courageous yes to God’s plan. We don’t need to know all the details. We know that God has the ultimate Victory so there is no need to worry.

We say ‘yes’ and wait in anticipation of the wondrous events that will unfold. Maybe sometimes they are small events that only have meaning for ourselves or our families. But sometimes they can be world changing, life changing for many more people than we could ever realize.

God’s Got a Plan

It doesn’t matter to us. That is God’s business. We just say ‘yes’ and wait. We are near the end of our Advent waiting now. 5 days more and we are at the Blessed Event of Christmas Day when God becomes man and that man begins the arduous chore of making things right.

It is a holy mission, one for which He has said yes. And though Jesus says a “Your will be done” said through blood, sweat, and tears, it is a ‘yes’ nonetheless. This very human side of Jesus, true God and true man, is a consolation for us. Or it should be.

We may struggle with our ‘yes’ at times. But, in the end, if we trust God, we will find He has brought beauty forth from the ashes we are sitting in right now. Everything won’t be perfect, it won’t always be happy. But it should always be joyful when we know that God has a plan. And that plan is perfect, despite our best or worst efforts.


God is with us. Jesus saves by the power of the Lord. That Holy Spirit whose power overshadows Mary resurrects the Lord Jesus to end death for us forever. So we need not fear. We must repent, accept forgiveness because that’s what our merciful Father does; He forgives. Alleluia!

Jesus came to take away our sin and that begins on the day that Mary said ‘yes.’ Rejoice and be glad! Nothing is impossible for God.

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