Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone says San Francisco Mass restrictions are ‘mocking God’
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I am usually not one to make political statements. I prefer to stay in my ‘faith lane,’ encouraging people and evangelizing where I can. So I feel it’s fair for me to post about it. This article highlights the oppression of religious people by the city officials in San Francisco and the recent response of the spiritual leader of the many Catholics there. He speaks up for all people of faith in God, regardless of denomination. Good for him. Until very recently only 12 people were allowed to attend worship services that were held outside! That’s been expanded to 50 but it’s still excessively restrictive. People may shop, dine, and do many other activities in greater numbers inside. But they still may not worship in community as they desire. The real insult is the city’s rule that only ONE person is allowed at a time into a church for prayer and meditation. One. The Catholic Archbishop has finally said “Enough!” Let us pray with him and all those who joined him to demonstrate against these unconstitutional rules, as well as those they represent. I really don’t think these arbitrary regulations issued by the city have any validity to them. “Following the science” would indicate it’s time to loosen some rules. And the fact that anyone can see the declining numbers of hospitalizations & deaths reveals that this is no longer a public emergency so mayors and the governor should not have the ability to make up some capricious rules for the citizens to follow. They only have the power if we let them. We live in a wonderful country where our elected representatives and those who govern work for us! We need to let our voices be heard and show up to religious services, responsibly, with masks and social distanced, but still show up. I don’t live in San Francisco but I hope the people who want to freely assemble and freely worship as their faith and various religious institutions dictate will do so now. Violating an unjust law is no violation of a law. And these aren’t even laws; they are decrees from people who think they have more authority than they actually possess. Let us pray that reason and faith will win the day in San Francisco soon. And God bless all people everywhere who suffer under oppressive governments that do not allow their people to worship as they have a right to do.

2 thoughts on “Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone says San Francisco Mass restrictions are ‘mocking God’

  1. I totally support the idea all churches open their doors and with caution , allow people to resume their church lives. I have returned to our church, St. Bernadette, they have taken all sorts of precautions To keep parishioners safe. Masks and distance. It is a sad experience because we do not socially visit after mass like in the past. I find it very sad 😢 to see the churches are empty, people either got used to home mass or are comfortable with their new life style that includes not attending life. I kind of wish all our Bishops had stood up to not closing churches. At least not for such a long time. I know health concerns was their reason. But I fear many will not return and that concerns. This is the time to turn to prayer 🙏 not stop going to church. I cried tears of joy when I finally went back and received the Eucharist. Being in God s house was a uplifting experience. Last Saturday I went with Donald and Grace to the Basilica downtown for mass, such a beautiful church. Sadly, there were few people , lots of empty pews. That is what concerns. How can we expect God to hear our prayers when some have forgotten him????



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