I heard this song this morning (video below). My new grandson and his mommy (our daughter-in-law) have been staying with us and will be here another week and a half. Such a JOY for my husband and me. While our son, the new dad, is off doing the nation’s business (he’s a Soldier and out training) we are here nestled in our home with these 2 great additions for a time. A blessed time. A holy time.

Having a newborn baby in the house is always life changing for new parents. And it is for new grandparents, too. We have 3 other grandkids that our daughter and her husband have blessed us with. But this is a first for our son’s family. And we are close enough for a drive up to get mommy and baby and bring them back to our home for not long enough. And how we wish our son could be here, too!

But this time is a chance to once again be the hands and feet of Jesus. Helping our daughter-in-law with basic tasks for herself and the baby is a privilege. Doesn’t matter if it’s washing floors or changing diapers or shopping for dinner and cooking the ingredients I purchased. And Granddad is helping, too! Even though he works each day in our home office due to the pandemic, he is also a great help when he’s out with us, holding baby, cleaning up after meals, setting tables/loading dishwasher, walking their dog who is with us, as well! Etc.

When you become a parent you don’t always realize that you will be in a servant role for vast quantities of time. At first, it’s because the child is completely helpless and relies on you for everything to survive and to thrive. But you never really give up completely providing for your children until they leave home and even then, if you had to, you would get to them in an emergency. Even as you’ve allowed them to grow up and become independent, loving, compassionate, critical thinking people, able to make it on their own in the world, you’ve also hopefully equipped them to help take care of others who cannot care for themselves. And then they can teach them to care for themselves, just as you taught your kids. It’s a cycle, a lovely cycle, that has to do with tradition and the meaning behind the things we do. 

You’ve got to know the ‘why’ to continue something that is challenging (like parenting infants/toddlers/preschoolers/grade schoolers/middle schoolers/high schoolers/college students). And you’ve got to love the people you are helping to grow into people who are equipped to take care of themselves and others. Love is easy for your own offspring, but we need to love our neighbor, too. As Jesus so famously described to His disciples, your neighbor is everyone you meet. Love each one and pray for wisdom to know what the needs are, how you can best support that neighbor so he or she becomes someone who can think for themselves, who can see the need and take action. Just like you do.

This song below is about being more like Jesus. Let us do everything we do to glorify God. Everything. Washing floors, changing diapers, driving to work or taking our kids to an event they need to attend. Let’s glorify God as we go about our day by putting our love into action so that no one, including our families, but also strangers (our neighbors) ever doubts our love for them. Let’s follow our Divine Leader. In following His footsteps we come to be the servants He expects us to be. That’s how we become more like Jesus.

And just like Jesus, we learn to sacrifice out of love, we help others learn how to stand up and walk despite the cross we all have to bear at some point. Jesus doesn’t ask us to do anything He hasn’t done already. That’s what a good leader does – walks out in front or right beside you as the situation demands. A good leader tells you/shows you that you don’t have to be afraid. We’ve learned from the Best. And we should be so grateful for that example. But with Jesus, it’s more than an example. For Jesus is with us always. Look around; sometimes you can see Jesus. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you can feel Jesus’ presence. Sometimes you can’t. But Jesus promises to always be with us. Believe it. Be not afraid. 

Whatever you’re being asked to do, Jesus is with you. Ask for His peace, His strength, His wisdom. He is with you.


“You came to the world You created Trading Your crown for a cross You willingly died Your innocent life paid the cost Counting Your stature as nothing The King of all kings came to serve Washing my feet Covering me with Your love [Chorus] If more of You means less of me Take ev’rything Yes, all of You is all I need Take ev’rything [Verse 2] You are my life and my treasure The One that I can’t live without Here at Your feet My desires and dreams I lay down Here at Your feet My desires and dreams I lay down [Chorus] Oh Lord, change me like only You can Here with my heart in Your hands Father I pray make me more like Jesus This world is dying to know who You are You’ve shown us the way to Your heart So Father I pray make me more like Jesus”

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