This song plays on my car’s audio system pretty much every time I get in the car and drive any distance. I love it. I love the words of encouragement and inspiration.

Here is a person wrestling with the “why” of his life. Why do certain things have to happen? Why this tragedy? Why this chaos? Why the pain and suffering?

But, of course, one could just as easily ask, “Why this laughter and joy?” Or “Why did this outrageously wonderful thing just happen to me or to someone I love?”

Funny how we question the bad things that befall us but never wonder why we’ve had a good day or some sort of good news that makes us feel like we’re walking on a cloud.

One thing we can do whether we’re happy or sad, whether we’re pain free or in agony, is to remember that God is with us through it all. And we should also remember to thank God for this life we have.

Here’s a big question for you: “Why am I here?” It could just as easily have been someone else. But you were the one. You could say the lucky one, and sincerely mean that or use it in an ironic way if you’re struggling. But what you should know in the core of your being is that you are loved.

Every second of every day. You are a child of God. Parents not in the picture? It’s OK. God is with you. Feeling like you have no friends? God knows and He is your friend. In fact, He’s as close as your next breath. And every breath you take – in and out – are because God wills it to be so.

Yes, there will be pain; yes, there will be suffering. Yes, there will be joy; yes, there will be happiness. If we know we are loved by a merciful and just God who gives us the freedom of will to follow Him or to wander off, it should change everything.

We were put here to love God and one another. We are all connected by that loving God who wants us with Him forever. Reach out to your brothers and sisters in love. Those were Jesus’ two great commandments – Love God and love your neighbor as yourself. And our neighbor is anyone else God created.

Doesn’t matter if you know them or if you’re total strangers. Doesn’t matter if you agree with their values or their politics. You are to love them; and they are to love you.

For the love of God!

When you know that you were purposefully created and no one else could replace you, I hope that makes you feel special. I hope that gives you hope. I hope that motivates you to love others. And not just those who can love you back. But everybody.

It is very tough to love those we don’t agree with, especially on foundational issues, or when we believe that someone else is acting out of their own hatred or malice toward others. I know it is very tough to love them.

Ask Jesus to help you. Ask for the love of Jesus to be the love inside you that you give to everyone else. The prayer is easy, the rewards are great. The peace you will feel when you no longer have to carry around resentment and anger or fear and hatred, it’s amazing. I know.

Our Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, He is the one who loves each of us no matter who we are. God is the one who stands ready to forgive us no matter what we’ve said or done.

Pray for the grace to know that God is always with us. Always. He never strays; we do. He never doubts; we do. He never stops wanting the best for each of us; we do. God never holds a grudge; we do. God always forgives when we ask Him from the depths of our hearts, in all authenticity. We are the ones who will withhold forgiveness. God is merciful. Are we?

Don’t make God in your image; we are made in His. Imago Dei – how beautiful. How unfathomable. If we only would realize it, it would change the world as it changed each of our lives. So, yes, Lord, remind us You’re here. You’re always here. You are the Light in the darkness that tells us that we are the light of the world! When we shine with Your love, we share Your light so that others may find a way in the darkness toward You.

Those of us who are reminded that God is here, let’s remind others. Or let’s tell those who never knew that God is with us. Every second.

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