So I heard this song today on Sirius XM, the Message. It’s a wonderful song that breaks it all down to the most basic level. This is it, folks! Listen/read the lyrics and the Scripture quote below it on the YouTube site. That’s all there is, according to the Savior of the World, Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful to know it’s so simple. Loving people involves mercy and forgiveness, and yes, praying and fasting on their behalf. Even the ones you don’t especially like. And the ones whose lifestyle you don’t especially approve of. We are to love them all. Just like Jesus. Loving like Jesus is not easy. In fact, as I’ve stated in my blog before, we can’t do it alone.

We need God’s grace, we need to surrender to let it ALL in! Lord, take me over! Let others see YOU and not me! If I shine like a beacon, let me remember and be grateful that the blazing light is YOU!

I can only have a heart like Jesus when I have Jesus’ heart. That’s the truth. And I can only have the heart of Jesus if I let Him in. He is present among us when He is present within us. And then we have the privilege of sharing God’s love and mercy with everyone we meet.

Here’s a portion of a lovely hymn that we can pray. It’s so timely, I think.

“Help us accept each other

As Christ accepted us;

Teach us as sister, brother,

Each person to embrace.

Be present, Lord, among us,

And bring us to believe

We are ourselves accepted

And meant to love and live.” – Fred Kaan

Speak truth to everyone. We need Jesus! Tell them. Everyone needs that peace that only God provides. So many don’t know what’s missing from their lives. But those of us who do have to share the good news! Lord, may the Holy Spirit teach us what to say and give us the courage we need to say it. Be our strength, dear God, for we have none without You. All glory, honor, and gratitude we give to You, Almighty Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to Jesus Christ Your only Son, and to the Holy Spirit who remains with us till the end and into eternity. It’s amazing. I’m amazed.


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